relins-kapnes-klasiskas (10) (1523x2300)

The know-how and traditions of RELINS have been passed down through three generations. The owner of the company grew up in an environment with a strong work ethics and love for nature and wood. Through everyday experience and family legacy he learned the trade of carpentry and on June 6, 1996 founded a company fulfilling his own and the dream of his family. The company had modest beginnings – a small workshop where the first customized, innovative and artistically unique staircases, doors and furniture were made.

Initially RELINS manufactured mainly staircases. Therefore, RAILING (RELINS in Latvian) – a design and security element of staircase – was symbolically used to name the company.

RELINS specializes in the manufacturing of custom-made staircases, doors, furniture and other products made from wood as well as timber production and trade. Our experienced designers (design team) will offer customized solutions for even the most unique/ sophisticated ideas. We employ the top professionals in the industry and guarantee the highest quality and full technological cycle of manufacturing. By investing in the most advanced technologies and offering regular professional training to our employees we have been able to prove ourselves as a top manufacturer in the market.

RELINS has become a leading Latvian manufacturer of luxury custom made staircase, door and furniture. The high quality of our products and the use of the most advanced technology in the woodworking industry have established company’s outstanding reputation in the local as well as the EU and CIS markets.